• Programming
    • Primarily focused on object oriented programming (OOP) languages such as C++ and C#.
    • I have three years of experience on C++ and two years of experience on C# (through Unity scripting and standalone C# coding)
    • Two years’ of experience on developing games in
    • 6 months of experience with Unreal Engine 4.
    • Basic knowledge on HAXE, JavaScript.
    • Have written at least 2 non-UI game engines focused on 2D games.
  • Game Design
    • Have done extensive research regarding the efficient and optimized way of controlling player behavior through game design.
    • Can conceptualize 3D action, RPG, stealth, and open world games.
    • Have designed and programmed simultaneously game projects in college.
    • Proficient more on game narrative writing.
    • Specializes on Game Design that allow multiple paths for a player to take.


  • De La Salle College of Saint Benilde (2013-2017)
    • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Specialization in Game Design and Development
    • Subjects include: Game Programming, Game Ethics and Theories, Game Design, and Game Production.
  • Jesus Good Shepherd School(2003-2012)
    • Elementary and High School Graduate


  • Noir
    • Top down 3D stealth game made in Unreal Engine 4.
    • Programmed entirely using UE4’s blueprints.
    • Lead Game Designer, Lead Game Programmer, and Story Writer during the project.
    • Received “Best CAPSTN2 Project” award during Benilde’s Incendium X.
  • Praesidum
    • Top down 2D hack and slash game made in Unity.
    • Lead Programmer during the project.
    • Won 2nd place for the “Best CAPSTN1 project” award during Benilde’s Incendium.
    • Presented at the Indie Game Arena during ESGS 2016.
  • The Inventor
    • Action/Platforming 2D games made in Unity.
    • Lead Game Designer and Lead Game Programmer during the project
    • Selected as one of the games to represent Benilde in the Philippine Game Festival in October 2015.
  • Save The Power!
    • 2D Game about conserving electricity and health while doing work.
    • Participated during the 2015 Hack The Climate hackathon.
    • Serves as the primary producer, secondary game designer and programmer.

Employment History

  • Funguy Studios (2016 – 2017)
    • Took internship as a programmer for 4 months.
    • Worked on one project as a Unity UI programmer.


  • De La Salle College of Saint Benilde
    • Two time 2nd honors Dean’s Lister.
    • 1st Honors Dean’s Lister.
    • Best CAPSTN2 Award
  • 1st Place in New Games Category at the Microsoft Unity Porting Labs 2014.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Gaming
    • Very passionate about video games.
    • Prefers video games with strong narrative.
    • Also prefers RPG, stealth, and shooter games.
    • Have deconstructed several games concerning its themes and gameplay designs.