About Me


My name is Ralph Adrian Miguel.

As a game developer, I am a Game Designer as well as a Game Programmer. In the past, I have primarily been a game programmer. I am proficient in languages such as C# and C++ during my times as a programmer. My main principle in designing games is creating an immersive world for players to enjoy through well-crafted story lines with deep thematic elements, as well as an engaging gameplay that is complemented by the level design.

So far, I have been part of several game projects, one of which have been showcased at the Philippine Game Festival in 2015 and another was presented as part of the Indie Game Arena during the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit in 2016. I also collaborated with a few to program our own simple barebones 2D game engine, called the Grey Hat Engine. I have participated into numerous events such as the Global Game Jam, Hackathon, and the Microsoft Unity Porting Labs in 2014.

I am about to graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Specialization in Game Design and Development in De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, a pioneer of Game Development courses here in the Philippines.

I aspire to become a part of a huge industry and become a prominent player within it. I dream that one day I’ll be able to design and create games that will have a huge impact towards those who will play it.
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Email: ralphadrianmigueldev@gmail.com