The Inventor

Screenshot (19)

This was the first MAJOR game I’ve made back in 2015. This was supposed to be just a term project for game design class. I really did not expect the hype it manage to build up.

Screenshot (20)

The game is set in an Asian Cyberpunk-inspired metropolis. You play as an inventor who have made a very powerful sword and an evil corporation wants to capture it for their own by sending their legions of mechs against you. The game is essentially a hack and slash platformer. I was the lead programmer in this project, with my buddy Dwayne Maico, who handled all of the Art assets.

Screenshot (24)

You can hack your way through the robots sent to fight you or you could use secondary abilities of your sword. This include turning your sword into a ranged weapon, in which you can blast away enemies from afar, or an overdrive mode in which you can increase the size of your sword  to deal massive damage, albeit reducing your agility in the process.

This game was presented at Benilde’s Incendium in 2015. As I’ve said, I did not really foresee the positive impact it would have to players during that time. It was also selected as one of the games to represent Benilde during the Philipping Game Festival on October 2015.

The game is still pretty much incomplete by now, audio is still not incorporated, some story aspects still not included, and some bug fixing would be needed. We do plan on continuing this project in the future.

If you want to access the build of the game, please contact me and I can send the build files over to you.