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A year after The Inventor, our thesis came up. At first, our artists conceptualize to make a “Monster Hunter” kind of game. Development started right away on late April 2016, to prevent any issues with deadlines and all that hassle. Problem is, we didn’t really anticipate that our creativity would be limited by a theme about sustainable development.

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So we scrapped a lot of concept by mid-May, then we decided that it’s a game about protecting nature while still keeping the MH-like gameplay. The result was Praesidium. A top down hack and slash game with focus on upgrading your character and undergoing quests for the Spirit of Nature. You play as a tribal named Talib (the guy with the white clothes above the pic). Everything was sunshine and bunnies around the forest Talib lives in until…

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A group of men appeared and started a “reclamation” on your land. Talib and his tribe are now forced to find a new home, wherein in the process, an unknown entity slaughtered them, leaving Talib as the sole survivor.

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An unfortunate run in however got him nearly killed, until The Spirit saved him. In return, Talib swore to help the Spirit protect the nature around him and its’ inhabitants.

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Talib can undergo quests from the Spirit to help nature. This include planting new trees around the forest or eliminating enemies that destroys the forest for “reclamation”.

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While performing quests for the Spirit. Talib can gain loot from defeated enemies, which in turn he can salvage with the help of the Bear Spirit to improve his health, his stamina, or his own agility, which in turn improve his combat ability.

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In combat or exploration however, Talib can strike his sword against his enemies, dodge out of the way from their attack, or use Mushrooms to replenish his health by bringing the items tab. Players can also check the amount of scraps he has collected, the section of the field map they’re in, and their quest progress in the Quest Tab.

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The game was submitted for our thesis on July 2016. At that time, you can notice our baggy eyes wherein you can see our caffeinated souls in despair. Later, it was presented at Benilde’s Incendium as part of the CAPSTN1 group. The awarding time was intense, a lot of our audience was confident that our game would win as the best thesis in CAPSTN1, which was a surprise actually considering our competition was sporting beefed up 3D graphics in Unreal Engine 4. Well we didn’t, we came in 2nd place actually but it was close, too close I might add.

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Overall it was a fun experience. By fun, I meant not having to sleep for a few days coding the whole thing and drinking a couple cans of Kratos coffee to keep myself awake. But yeah, it was worth the experience. I’ve learned so much from this project in my coding styles as well as how I handle working with a team. I think we pretty much did a very good job actually.

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If you want to try out the game and would like to have a copy of it, please contact me through this site or through my email:

The game is still in preparation for other ventures, including the PGF2016, so it might not reflect the finished product right now.