RPG Project

An academic project submitted for my finals requirements at one of my programming class back in 2015. This time I tackled on creating a 3D Hack and Slash RPG in Unity 4.

Screenshot (15)

It took us about a month and a half to finish this project. The art assets and 3D models were already provided for us and we just coded the features for the game. This includes character movement, the camera system, a sprint mechanic, the inventory system, and character skills. I’ve made most of the codes here while my buddy Dwayne tackled the UI for the inventory.

Screenshot (18)

I’ve made great use of Unity’s NavMeshes here for the AI along with their particle system for the skills such as the fire ball shown above. This was the time I’ve researched AI’s extensively. I’ve also got introduce to a custom made Event Messaging system made by our prof, which in my experience, made some of the component handling a lot easier. I have adapted a new coding style here. Starting from this point, I have used the component based architecture which made optimizing my code a lot easier. Overall, it was a fun experience, though I wished I could’ve added more features to the final product.

You can download the buildĀ here.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own or have made any of the art assets in this game.