Flying Raks

Collaborative work with my classmate and aspiring artist, Dwayne Maico, as a midterm project for our game programming class back in 2014. I handled most of the code while Dwayne made the 3D models and the background for the game. This was made in Unity 4.

Screenshot (179)

You basically pilot a space ship and shoot out asteroids that come at you. You’ll get scores by shooting down asteroids. You can use a keyboard plus mouse or an Xbox 360 controller to play the game. This is the first time I’ve also implemented a joystick support towards a game.

Screenshot (181)

Well you’ve probably saw this on the first pic, there’s a two player mode in our game! Player 1 can use the keyboard and the mouse while Player 2 uses an Xbox 360 controller to play.

There’s a link below if you want to try the game out. Don’t forget to leave a feedback here! Also, stop by Dwayne’s page to check out his slick art!

Dwayne’s Page

Download Link