Mario Clone

Did this as my finals project at my first game programming classes at Benilde. We basically have to emulate two levels from any 2D Game we chose and I picked World 1-1 and World 1-2 from Super Mario Bros. 3.

I was still getting myself familiarized with Unity at this point. There was a time when I’ve placed all of the powerups in the level… then I forgot to save it and the Unity crashed after placing the final coin. Frustrating actually, but we’ve all been there.

In this chapter of my dev life, I’ve learned to utilize Unity’s sprite animator and the animation system in general. I’ve used the animation extensively as well in some¬†enemy movements.

Overall, I think I did a pretty good job, but my coding styles back then were different compared today.

I do not own any spritesheets used in this project nor I own Super Mario Bros. 3.

You can check it out if you want and please do leave a feedback here!